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The Tournament

XI Cities of Europe Chess Grand Prix
International Tournament for school teams from Cologne, Capodistria, Dortmund, Pirano, Vienna, Znojmo, Venice, Turin, Perugia

Turin 8/9 October 2009
Palazzetto dello Sport di Parco Ruffini

UNDER-16 STUDENT CHAMPIONSHIP (participants must have been born in 1993 or after)
UNDER-19 STUDENT CHAMPIONSHIP (participants must have been born in 1990 or after)

The tournament is open to middle or secondary school teams from the participating European cities.
There will also be a special trial tournament for primary school teams, which shall also come from the participating European cities.

Individual teams shall require written permission to participate from the school’s governing body. This must be presented to the tournament organisers at the beginning of the event.

Each team shall be composed of four players, with a possible reserve player (who, if used, shall play on the lowest board). All players must attend the same school. Once submitted, no subsequent alteration to team membership and the boards that team members are assigned to shall be allowed.

The same school can submit more than one team for the under-16 and under-19 categories.

Only two players under the age of 16 can be members of an under-19 team. However, no player in the under-19 category can play in an under-16 category.