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How to partecipate



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1° Form (Italiano)

1° Form (English)


2° Form (Italiano/English)

Form d'iscrizione delle Squadre Piemontesi


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How to partecipate

It is important to remember that in order to be eligible for special accommodation discounts, schools interested in participating have to complete and send the Preliminary Registration Form (1° Form) by the 30th of May 2009 and
1- 150 euro deposit (per team) for teams that will be staying for the two nights of the tournament
2- 250 euro deposit (per team) for teams that will be staying longer than the two nights of the tournament

The schools must confirm their participation completing the Final Registration Form (2° Form) by 30th of September 2009.

To commemorate the XI Cities of Europe Chess Grand Prix, the City of Turin – with prior notice – will offer participants and their parties the following benefits:
- free guided tours in the principal European languages
- discounts for museum admissions
- comprehensive tourist information packs

If you have any special requests, please send an e-mail message to tornei@scacchisticatorinese.it by the 30th of September.