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How to partecipate



Sistemazioni alberghiere


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Form d'iscrizione delle Squadre Piemontesi


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1░ Form (English)

Instructions for preliminary registration

The preliminary registration form must be completed and sent on-line by the 30th of May. Please use a separate form for each team. Teams that make a preliminary registration by the 30th of May are eligible to receive special accommodation discounts at the listed prices. Preliminary registration gives us a more accurate idea of the number of participants, allowing us to offer more cultural and tourist promotions.

We cannot guarantee accommodation or special discount rates for accommodation if we receive the preliminary registration after the 30th of May.

After you have completed and sent the Preliminary Registration Form, you will receive an e-mail message with:

1.a copy of the completed preliminary registration form
2. an identification number to be used when completing the Final Registration Form; which will be available on-line after the 30th of May. On this form, which must be sent by the 30th of September, you supply the names of individual team members.

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