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Spassky and living chess in Frascati

21 maggio 2005

beautiful historical town south-east of Rome is hosting a Chess Week, which includes a GM tournament beginning on Sunday. To kick things off ex world champion Boris Spassky attended the inaugural ceremony and reconstructed a game he had played against italian GM Sergio Mariotti in 1976 on a live chess board.
Chess Week in Frascati
Frascati is one of several attractive historic hilltowns to the south-east of Rome known collectively as the Castelli Romani. Every weekend these towns, and Frascati in particular, fill up with Romans looking for a change of pace, clean air, good food and wine. Often groups of Romans will drive here just for the evening, dining at one of the many informal restaurants which serve rich regional specialities and the local white wine.
The "Chess Week" in Frascati lasts from May 20 to 29 and features an inauguration visit by the former world champion Boris Spassky. On Friday there was the press conference with Spassky, in the afternoon a Living Game.
On Saturday afternoon there is a simultaneous exhibition by Spassky against VIPs (journalists, politicians, managers etc).
l Sunday a GM tournament (cat IX) starts. Participants are Igor Khenkin GER GM 2610, Igor Miladinovic GRE GM 2604, Namig Gouliev AZE IM 2526, Carlo Garcia Palermo ARG/ITA GM 2459, GM il Lexy Ortega CUB, Fabio Bruno MF 2374, Niccolò Ronchetti MF 2364, Denis Rombaldoni MF 2336, Marco Corvi MF 2325, Daniele Vocaturo MF 2304.
On Sunday the 29th the week will be closed with the final round of the GM tournament and a simultaneous exhibition by Alexandra Kosteniuk, who is arriving directly tram the Russian Championship.
The event is particularly important for the Italian chess community, because it is a "pre-olimpic" event: the Chess Week in Frascati starts exactly one year before the start of the Chess Olympiad in Turin, which begins on May 20, 2006.
Full details can be found at the Official web site (en Italiano).
Living chess
After the press conference GM Sergio Mariotti and Boris Spassky proceded to Villa Torlonia, a beautiful park in Frascati, to watch the live representation of a game they played against each other in 1976, at the Manila Interzonal, Round 8. Sergio Mariotti, who was a brilliant and original player at the time, missed the qualification for the Candidate Matches due to an unfortunate last round loss.
Here is the game with the players responding to some questions of the Adolivio Capece, who commenting on the game.

Spassky, Boris V - Mariotti, Sergio [B33]
Manila Interzonal Manila (8), 06.1976
1.e4, c5 - 2.Nf3, e6 - 3.d4, cxd4 - 4.Nxd4, a6 - 5.Bd3, Qc7 - 6.0-0, Nf6 - 7.Nc3, Mc6 - 8.Nb3, h5 Capece: "Why did you play this strange move, Sergio? "Mariotti: "Just to get out of theory!" 9.h3, b5 - 10.f4, b4 - 11.Na4, d5 - 12.e5, Nd7 - 13.c3, Nb6 Capece: "What do you think of the position Boris? "Spassky: "I prefer White" Mariotti: "I prefer White too!" 14.Nxb6, Qxb6+ - 15.kh1, a5 - 16.Rf3, a4 - 17.Be3, Qc7 - 18.Nd4, nxd4 - 19.cxd4, g6 - 20.Rc1, Qb7 - 21.Rf2, Be7 - 22.Rfc2, Bd7 - 23.Qd2, Qb6 - 24.f5, gxf5 - 25.Bg5, Rg8 - 26.Bxe7 - Kxe7 - 27.Rc5, b3 - 28.a3, Rg6 - 29.Bb5, Qa5 - 30.Qe2, Bxb5 - 31.Rxb5, Qa6 - 32.Rc7+, Kf8 - 33.Rb8+, Kg7 - 34.Qxa6, Rxa6 - 35.Rb7, Kh6 - 36.h4, Rg4 - 1/2-1/2