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GM against the World

GM Misho Cebalo

Misho Cebalo was born in Zagreb (Croatia) on 6 February 1945. After a classical education he began to study latin languages (French and Italian) obtaining the title of professor.
He began to play chess at the very early age of 5, taught by his father who was an active player in the years after World War II.
He became a chess master in 1965 in one of the strongest Yugoslav championships of all time and then stopped playing as he felt chess was getting in the way of his studies. His real professional career began in 1977 when he took the important decision to devote his life to the game. A year later (1978) he became an international master. Eight years later (1985) his splendid victory in the zonal tournament in Kavala (Greece), 1.5 points ahead of Predrag Nikolic, brought him the Grand Master title. Four months later he took part in the interzonal tournament in Taxco (Mexico), tieing for sixth and seventh places, while the first four qualified for the candidates phase. This was the fourth best result of all time in Yugoslav chess - only Gligorich (twice) and Ivkov had managed to qualify for the candidates phase - while it remains to this day Croatian chess's best result in a world championship cycle with the classical formula.
Best results:
championships: Vukovar 1981 (3-4), Vrbas 1982 (4-5), Herceg Novi 1983 (3-5), Subotica 1984 (4-5), Novi Sad 1985 (1-2), Zagreb 2003 (3), Vukovar 2005 (5-7)
zonal and interzonal tournaments: Budva (SCG) 1981 (2-3), Kavala (Greece) 1985 (1), Taxco (Mexico) 1985 (6-7)
closed tournaments: Athens 1976 (1-2), Barcelona 1976 (1-2), Rome 1985 (2-3), Biel 1986 (3-4), Bern 1988 (1), Reggio Emilia 1991 (1), Zagreb 1993 (1-2), Milano 2001 (1)
open tournaments: Rome 1964 (1), San Benedetto del Tronto 1969 (1), Biel 1975 (1-3,first by bucholz), Liege 1980 (1), Caorle 1984 (1), Opatija 1984 (1), Zagreb 1990 (1), Cannes 1990 and 1996 (1), Djakovo 1993 (1), Bled 1994 (1), Portorose (1), Genova 1997 (1), Torino 1998 (1), Bratto 2005 (1-2.second by bucholz)
team tournaments: bronze medal in the student Olympiad in Oerebro (Sweden) 1966 together with the gold medal for the best result on board three, silver medal in the European team championship in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) 1983, plus a number of championship titles with different clubs in three different countries: Yugoslavia, Croatia and Slovenia.

As Croatian FIDE delegate (1991-1994) he won a diplomatic battle for the inclusion of Croatia in the international chess family as early as the beginning of 1992 and for its right to participate in the Manilla Olympiad the same year, he himself playing on board one.
At the Turin Olympiad he will occupy the sensitive position of head of the technical press office: it will be his task to issue the official press releases and manage the live daily internet broadcast immediately after the end of the games.