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December 2018

GM against the World

GM Sergio Mariotti

Sergio Mariotti is the first Grand Master to take on the world from our Olympiad website starting on 29 September. We do not think Mariotti needs any introduction for the older among us, but for the very young here is a summary of his achievements.
He became a Candidate Master in 1963, at the age of 17, and Italian Master and then International Master in the same year, 1969! He obtained the Grand Master title in 1974. It was in Turin that he first found himself in the spotlight when he won the Italian youth championship (1965), so beginning one of the most prestigious Italian chess careers of all time: he went on to win the Italian blitz title (1967), the Naples tournament (1968), the Festival of La Spezia (1969), the Italian Championship (1969), the Naples tournament for a second time (1969), Reggio Emilia (1970), San Benedetto del Tronto (1970), the Bari Festival (1971), the Italian Championship again (1971), the Caorle zonal (1975), the FIDE tournament of Rovigo (1976), and the Lugano tournament (1979). It was as a result of these successes that the British Chess Magazine dubbed him "The Italian Fury". His results in team tournaments were also prestigious: champion of Italy with the Banco di Roma (1974 and 1983) and bronze medal for the third best result on top board at the Nice Olympiad of 1974. He played in world title eliminators on two occasions: in 1976 at the interzonal of Manila and in 1978 in the Prahia de Roca zonal where he came 4th with a score of 16/19, first of the excluded for the interzonal. He was President of the Fsi from 1994 to 1996. At present he is technical commissioner of the Italian Federation and he will have the daunting task of selecting the players to make up the two Italian teams to play in the Olympiad, on their home ground for the first time.