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February 2020

International photography competition

Torino 2006

Six photographers for the Chess Olympiad

Chess Olympiad Organising Committee
in collaboration with the
Italian Photography Foundation

The competition is being organised on the occasion of the Chess Olympiad which will be held in Turin from 20 May to 4 June 2006, with 130 countries set to take part.
The aim is to select 6 photographers to act as official, accredited photographers to record the Olympiad and the cultural events planned for the same period.

Theme of the competition/selection process
Chess, the game, the spirit, the players and the venues: the spellbinding appeal of endless matches, played out between logic and instinct, intellect and feeling...until the final CHECK MATE.

The following areas are suggested as guidelines for participants:
Chess venues: where the game is played, open air chess boards
Symbolic Architecture: (castles, pawns, knights)
The Image of Chess:  the chess world reproduced and photographed - staging photography and still lifes
The Thrill of Chess:  the game, tournaments, players, moves and pieces

Photographers (with at least one personal exhibition to their credit)

How to take part
Participation is free.
The competition/selection process will take place solely on-line.
Participants must send in a series of 5 shots in JPG format at a maximum resolution of 300 dpi, along with the completed entry form.
Digitally processed images are admitted.
The series of photographs must be given a title and come with a brief explanation.
Taking part in the competition implies that the subjects photographed have granted use of the images, responsibility for which is entirely the photographers.

Submitting material
Material must be submitted exclusively by e-mail to the address: photo@chessolympiad-torino2006.org
Digital media is permissible and may be sent to:
Olimpiadi degli Scacchi
Segreteria Concorso Selezione SCATTO MATTO
Via Maria Vittoria 18
10123 Torino

Photographs must be sent in by and no later than 15 April 2006

Selection committee
The selection process will be performed by members of the organising bodies: the Chess Olympiad Organising Committee and the Italian Photography Foundation.
The Committee will select 3 photographers.

Prize Photographers for the Chess Olympiad
The 3 photographers selected will be accredited as official photographers for the Olympiad.
The 3 photographers selected will be hosted in Turin by the Chess Olympiad Organising Committee for three working days. The Organising Committee will propose, and where possible reach an agreement with the photographers concerned, regarding dates, according to the scheduled events.

Hospitality and Registration
Hospitality: 2 nights full-board accommodation in a three star hotel. Press accreditation for all scheduled events.
Not included: travel expenses, daily allowance, other expenses.

Notification of selection
The Selection Committee will announce the names of the 3 photographers selected by 30 April. The names of the photographers selected will also be published on the official site of the Olympiad www.chessolympiad-torino2006.org.

Digital images are required.
The photographers selected will produce a complete record of the scheduled events during their stay in Turin, coordinating their work according to the instructions of the Organising Committee, carrying out this work as if they were accredited from a publication.
The Organising Committee will not provide any kind of technical support for creating prints.

Use of material
All the photographs taken by the accredited photographers, both those submitted for the competition and those taken on location during the event, will be used by the Organising Committee to produce press material during the event, both on the internet and in other media.
The Organising Committee also reserves the right to use the images to promote its initiatives, as well as for any non-profit making publications produced after the event.
No fees will be paid to the photographers for the use of the images, but they will, obviously, be duly credited.

Information about the competition and the entry form can be downloaded from:
the official Chess Olympiad website
the website of the Italian Photography Foundation
or requested via e-mail: Organisers' Office
Concorso Scatto Matto Reporter per le Olimpiadi
Via Maria Vittoria 18
Tel. 011.8154043

Only for informations:
Fondazione Italiana per la Fotografia
Via La Salle 17
Tel 011.19719440 - 41

Entry form
download here

To be admitted to the competition all obligatory fields in this form must be completed, and the form submitted with the series of images.

For informations write to: segreteria organizzativa