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Preolympic Manifestations


A comprehensive series of events all over Italy will mark the run-up to the Turin Olympiad in 2006. Here’s an up-to-date list.

01/05/2005 Piedmont

Chess in the open air. The Regional Chess Committee organised outdoor events throughout Piedmont to promote the Chess Olympiad.

20/05/2005 ?Frascati Chess, a year ahead?

Fabio Bruno wins the GM tournament.

10/06/2005 Lodi International Festival

Lodi reports a record number of participants; big success for the simul ?100 boards under the stars? with former world champion Anatoly Karpov.

29/07/2005 Bergamo

"Citt? di Bergamo" International Open

07/08/2005 Villa san Giovanni

International Festival

08/08/2005 "Genoa Open? International Chess Festival

The 2004 edition saw over 150 entries with one GM and 2 IM norms obtained.

20/08/2005 Bratto della Presolana

International Festival

22/08/2005 Porto San Giorgio (Ascoli Piceno)

International Festival

01/09/2005 Italia "Scacchi in Piazza"

Outdoor chess. Dozens of Italian chess clubs organise an open-air event on the same day under the banner of the Chess Olympiad.

03/09/2005 10? International Tournament Citt? di Cesenatico

International open

17/09/2005 St. Vincent Champions Cup

Champions Cup. European final for clubs who won their national championships.

17/09/2005 Torino "Scacchi in Galleria"

Tournaments and simuls in Turin?s Galleria Subalpina.

25/09/2005 1? Campionato Italiano di Scacchi Interforze I.P.A.

Campi Bisenzio (Florence)

28/09/2005 Torino "La Mascotte"

The Mascot! Prize giving ceremony for the contest organised in January in Piedmont?s schools for the creation of the Olympiad Mascot.

16/10/2005 Rocca di Papa

"Citt? di Rocca di Papa" semi-blitz tournament 8th edition

07/12/2005 Milano Crespi Tournament

7-11 December "Giochi Sforzeschi" ? Crespi Tournament.

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