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World Computer Chess Championship

During the Chess Olympiad in Torino, the World Computer Chess Championship will take place in the same venue. The participants, officials and spectators at the FIDE event will therefore have an excellent opportunity to watch top Chess programs competing for the world title.
The World Computer Chess Championship is an 11-round Swiss System tournament which nowadays is held every year, in order to monitor the significant progress still being made in this field. Many of the competing programs play at the level of the world's leading grandmasters and often produce very exciting games.
The World Computer Chess Championship is organized by the International Computer Games Association www.icga.org. Originally the event was held every three years, to reflect the similar period for the human World Chess Championship, but in 2002 it was felt that progress in computer chess is sufficiently rapid to warrant an annual world championship event. Notable personalities from the worlds of Chess and computing have been invited to attend the event as our guest of honour, including Mikhail Botwinnik (in 1977 and 1983), Claude Shannon (1980 and 1989), Adriaan de Groot (1986) and Robert Byrne (1995).
This year's event will be the 14th in the series. Previous locations were: 1974-Stockholm, Sweden; 1977-Toronto, Canada; 1980-Linz, Austria; 1983-New York, USA; 1986-Cologne, West Germany; 1989-Edmonton, Canada; 1992-Madrid, Spain; 1995-Hong Kong; 1999-Paderborn, Germany; 2002-Maastricht, Netherlands; 2003, Graz, Austria; 2004-Ramat Gan, Israel; 2005-Reykjavik, Iceland.

 14th World Computers Chess Championship
24 may 2006Arrival
May 25 2006H. 13.00Testing, Opening and
players meeting
 H. 19.00Round 1
May 26 2006H. 13.00Round 2
 H. 19.00Round 3
May 27 2006H. 13.00Round 4
 H. 19.00Round 5
May 28 2006Excursion day
May 29 2006H. 13.00Round 6
 H. 19.00Speed tournament
May 30 2006H. 13.00Round 7
 H. 19.00Round 8
May 31 2006H. 13.00Round 9
 H. 19.00Round 10
June 1 2006H. 13.00Round 11
 H. 19.00Play-off and Closing dinner

more informations:www.cs.unimaas.nl/wccc2006/index.htm